Furrer Jacot

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Traceability Commitment

Furrer Jacot offers to its customers the transparency of the complex production processes of its jewellery.

The in-house master craftsmen and women can attest to this with their names. Superior, traditional craftsmanship and individual production processes are carried out at the listed-building premises in Schaffhausen.

All products are 100% Swiss Made.

In line with its business values, Furrer Jacot is committed to disclose the suppliers to its customers: the suppliers directly linked with their own websites, traceability commitments, and certifications.

95-100% of the precious metals are sourced from recycling processes and therefore, fulfil the demands of sustainability and high ethics.

100% of the precious gemstones are obtained by certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) The producers are bound by the Kimberley process (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme). All gemstones are individually verified for their origin and quality. These are verified as 100% natural through complete tests.